Close To Home

Dr. Lynn Black in surgical scrubs outside Massachusettes General hospital.

Dr. Lynn Black ’74 has boarded flights headed for Guam after a super typhoon, to Haiti in the wake of a massive earthquake, and to Liberia in the midst of a devastating Ebola outbreak. Each time, Black, who is the medical director of Massachusetts General Hospital’s disaster relief team, packed up her mosquito net, headlamp, and water purification tablets.

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Overhead view of university row with Williams and Old Mill

Amplifying Our Impact

President Suresh Garimella and leaders across campus have worked over recent months to establish a strategic framework for the University of Vermont’s future success. Grounded by the university’s distinctive strengths and reflecting broad feedback from the UVM community, “Amplifying Our Impact” received unanimous endorsement from the Board of Trustees at their May 2020 meeting.

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green and gold tassel with the year 2020 attached.

Finding Their Way

In 2016, just two weeks into his  first year at the University of Vermont, Brian Gomez ’20 got a call from the Student Government Association: his peers had elected him to Student Government Association Senate.

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