Invention: The Storywrangler

Vermont scientists create tool to explore billions of social media messages, potentially predict political and financial turmoil
Storywrangler graph

For thousands of years, people looked into the night sky with their naked eyes — and told stories about the few visible stars. Then we invented telescopes. In 1840, the philosopher Thomas Carlyle claimed that “the history of the world is but the biography of great men.” Then we started posting on Twitter.

Now scientists have invented an instrument to peer deeply into the billions and...

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Living Robots Create Global Media Splash

New creatures, called “xenobots” were designed on a supercomputer at the University of Vermont by professor of computer science Joshua Bongard and his graduate student Sam Kriegman.

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Lily Sargeant working in Ingi Agnarsson's lab

With Discovery, Comes Naming Rights

Four UVM undergrads and their professor have discovered fifteen new species of “smiley-faced” spiders—and named them after, among others, David Attenborough, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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