With Discovery, Comes Naming Rights

Prof, students team on spider species research
Lily Sargeant working in Ingi Agnarsson's lab

Four UVM undergrads and their professor have discovered fifteen new species of “smiley-faced” spiders—and named them after, among others, David Attenborough, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

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Professor Bill Keeton in an old growth forest.

Wisdom of Old Growth

Bill Keeton points ahead in the forest. “There’s one of the tip-up mounds we made,” he says, walking over to a ten-foot-high wall of torn tree roots that have yanked up soil and rocks, leaving a shallow hole behind.

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detail of “Krishna Quells Kalia to the Acclaim  of the Gods” painting

In the Details

An art historian brings multiple skills to the study of a painting created nearly five hundred years in the past and half-a-world away. The not-so-simple ability to see extremely well stands squarely at the core of these skills.

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