Lessons from Europe’s Old-Growth Forests

Talking with Bill Keeton about the value of 
old growth
Bill keeton investigates a plant close up

Walking along a steep ridge, under large hemlock trees, 10 miles outside of Burlington, Vt.—Bill Keeton is worrying about Europe’s remaining old forests. He’s so concerned, in fact, that he and some colleagues wrote a letter to the journal Science—published this May—calling for rapid action to protect them. 

A professor of forest ecology and forestry in the Rubenstein School of...

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Image shows a forest fire in the background on mountains with a city and pond in the forefront.

Americans Are Flocking to Wildfire: U.S. Migration Study

Americans are leaving many of the U.S. counties hit hardest by hurricanes and heatwaves—and moving towards dangerous wildfires and warmer temperatures, finds one of the largest studies of U.S. migration and natural hazards.  

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A photo of a woman walking through the forest.

Nature Helps Mental Health, Research Says—But Only For Rich, White People?

New research shows that a rapidly-growing environmental science field—which measures nature's effects on human well-being—has a diversity problem that threatens its ability to make universal scientific claims.

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