The Scoop on Cookie Dough Ice Cream

And the man who put Ben and Jerry's on a frozen path to world fame.
Ted Castle stands by a wall at Rhino Foods that reads "Delicious things, done right."

The tale of Ben & Jerry’s humble beginnings in a converted gas station on the corner of St. Paul and College Street in Burlington is a Vermont classic. Laughably large chunks of brownies, chocolate fudge, cookies, and the like set them apart from other scoop shops of the time. But what put them on the map was a customer’s anonymous flavor suggestion that came to fruition: chocolate chip...

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Editor Tom Weaver walks with horse

Last Lap

You all read your class notes; I read all your class notes. For the past twenty-six years that’s been one of my tasks as magazine editor, giving them a proofing, trying to keep out of the way of alumni and class secretaries’ direct voices for the most part. Reading the full class notes always felt like a reverse journey through the arc of life, Benjamin Button UVM alumni style.

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A monoprint of squares of hand painted color

The Two Bills

Late last winter, Bill Lipke was keen on an idea, as he so often was throughout his life. He wanted to honor his old friend and fellow emeritus professor of art and art history Bill Davison with a retrospective publication documenting the distinguished printmaker’s work. As both men’s health waned, it was a brave effort.

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