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Signing with an Electronic ID

It's a simple, five-step process to sign your form with an Electronic ID, and it does not require any special resources or accounts. Just follow the instructions below.

Step 1

In item 16 on the Pre-Disclosure/Disclosure form, enter your name, status, and the date. Then click in the signature field.

Step 2

An "Add Digital ID" box will appear on your computer screen. Choose the third item ("Create a self-signed digital ID for use with Acrobat"). Then click the "Next" button.

Step 3

In the "Add Digital ID" box, enter the information requested. Make sure the last two pulldown menus in the box are set to "1024-bit RSA" and "Digital Signatures." Then click "Next."

Step 4

Choose a file name for your digital ID and the location on your local hard drive where you want to store it. (In the example below, the document "Form1" is in a folder called "Documents". Also enter and confirm a password that you will remember. Then click "Finish."

Step 5

You will be returned to the form. Click again in the signature box in item 16. A dialog box will appear with a summary of your digital ID information, including your name and email address. Enter the password you created and click "Sign." You will be returned to the form once again, and your name and a pen icon will appear in the form's signature box. You can now save, print, and/or submit the form.

IMPORTANT: Before submitting or forwarding your disclosure, please make sure that the default file name ("disclosure.pdf") has not been changed.