KN95 Mask Pick Up

Wearing a high-quality mask is one of the precautions you can choose to keep yourself from contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus. We ask that everyone in our UVM community keep a mask at hand for those times when you want to mask up or those around you ask that you do so. Layering a disposable mask under a cloth mask increases effectiveness.

How do I obtain a KN95 Mask?

KN95 masks are available to all faculty, staff, and students and can be picked up in the Testing Center in the Davis Center on the first floor during regular operating hours.

You are NOT required to bring your CATcard to pick up the KN95 masks.

For faculty and staff who do not work on campus and cannot come to campus to pick up the masks, the KN95 masks can be mailed to you.

More information on the KN95 masks is available on UVM’s Higher Quality Mask page.