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    The August 17 memo to all employees, "Daily Health Screening Check-In for Employees Update" is a great resource for understanding who uses the daily health screening process.

    Who completes a daily screening?

    All employees are required to complete the daily screening every work day, regardless of their planned work location (home, campus, field, etc). The exceptions to this are employees who work only remotely 100% of the time and employees who are on an approved leave (such as vacation).

    Do I complete a screening on the weekend?

    If an employee normally works M-F, then they do not need to complete a health screening on the weekend, unless they are going to a campus location.

    What if I work 100% remotely but need to stop into my campus office?

    Employees who exclusively work remotely must complete the health screening check-in before they come to a UVM facility for any reason, such as to pick up work-related documents or equipment.

    Do student employees use the employee health check-in screening tool?

    Student employees will report their daily health screening results through the student reporting process, not through the employee process.



    Example: Professor Smith has no in-person courses this semester but occasionally comes to their office to retrieve books and other materials. They would have to complete the health screening just before they came to campus, but not every day.

    Example 2: Assistant Professor Brown is teaching remotely but regularly works in a lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They would have to complete the health screening daily (Mon-Fri).

    Start each day with a health check.

    In our joint mission to keep one another healthy, employees will start each day with a health check-in using our daily screening tool.

    Please remember to use the NETID of your supervisor (or designee) and not their email address or name.

    Daily health screening tool >>

    Individuals who do not have access to a computer and/or smart phone must complete the daily health screening with their supervisor over the telephone before reporting to work. This PDF form will be your guide: Employee health check-in (PDF)