University of Vermont, Undergraduate Writing Center, 1982-2022, 40th Anniversary

The Undergraduate Writing Center Celebrates
40 Years of Peer Leadership and Learning!

What began in 1982 as "The Writing Center" Living/Learning Faculty-Designed Program led by Kathy Skubikowski, the Undergraduate Writing Center has evolved over 40 years into a full-scale, academic-year student support program. Seeing just 20 students in its first year, the Undergraduate Writing Center (UWC) now provides more than 1800 tutoring sessions a year in addition to in-class workshops. 

Connecting with Our Growing Community of Writing Tutors

To celebrate, we've reached out to our more than 700 alumni and invited them to...

  • participate in our UWC Alumni Impact Research Survey about how writing center experience has affected the post-undergraduate lives of our alumni. Responses are due by September 30th; if we missed you and you want to particpate, let us know! See the FAQ below for more information!
  • visit our new-ish space during UVM Weekend (October 7-9), on Saturday, October 8, 10:30-12, in Howe Memorial Library. Alumni can RSVP via email for some 40th swag!
  • stay in touch and hear what's new in the UWC with a periodic e-newsletter.

Connecting with the UVM Community

Members of the UVM community are welcome to drop by our open house during UVM Weekend (October 7-9), on Saturday, October 8, 10:30-12, in Howe Memorial Library. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the UWC Alumni Impact Research Survey?

Our survey is modeled off of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Rearch Project. We've used some of their questions and added some of our own. Here is an overview

  • Undergraduate Writing Center alumni from any year may volunteer to participate.
  • The survey includes questions about your training and experiences as a peer writing tutor and how the skills and abilities you developed have affected your life after UVM, focusing on work, education, civic life, and relationships.
  • Survey responses will help us to assess the short- and long-term value of writing center experience and inform current tutor training and writing center practice.
  • Results of this survey will also allow us to contribute to ongoing national scholarship about Peer Writing Tutor Alumni.
  • The estimated time to complete the survey is 20-30 minutes; you can skip questions you don't wish to answer.
  • You will also be asked whether you are willing to be contacted within a year for a focus group or interview to follow up on themes that emerge from the survey.
  •  When we share findings with the UVM community or beyond, we will not include your identifying information.
  • There is no cost nor compensation for participating in this survey.
  • The survey will close at midnight on September 30th.

When you opt into receiving the survey, there is no obligation to complete the survey. Rather, you will receive a link to the survey, review the details in the coversheet of the survey, and decide whether or not to participate.  If you have any questions though, feel free to reach out to us!



Who directs the Undergraduate Writing Center?

Kathy Skubikowski passed the baton to Jean Kiedaisch and Sue Dinitz in 1983.  They retired in 2008 and 2018 respectively, before handing its care to Sheila Boland Chira, Senior Lecturer in English.

Why was the name changed from Writing Center to Undergraduate Writing Center?

The Writing Center added "Undergraduate" to its name when its sister program, the Graduate Writing Center, was formed in 2016. Together, they are called the "UVM Writing Centers." English Professor Nancy Welch began coordinating the Graduate Writing Center in 2016 and continued until her 2022 retirement.  Holly Painter, Lecturer in English, is now acting as Interim Coordinator of the Graduate Writing Center.

Where is the Undergraduate Writing Center located?

The Undergraduate Writing Center calls the Howe Memorial Library, "home," and is located on the ground floor thanks to the Libraries' generous space donation.  Prior to moving to this location in 2018, the Writing Center was made up of a few small offices scattered through the library and even spent some time divided between Living/Learning and the Howe Memorial Library.  Take a visual tour, audio tour, or text tour of our space!


Appointment Information


We are open Sunday through Friday, from the second week of classes through the last day of classes, each fall and spring semester; we are closed during the summer.  See the appointment calendar for available times.

Tutoring Location

Ground Floor of Howe Library: Down the main stairway and to the right, or take the Circulation elevator down, turn left and follow straight past main stairway..

Contact Information

Administrative Phone:
(802) 656-1958


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