May 24, 2021 through August 20, 2021: Campus parking rules and regulations remain  in effect.  Time and location restrictions may be modified, but all motor vehicles must be registered for campus parking.  Please refer to the campus parking map for lot names and locations.

Campus Area Transportation System (UVM CATS) Shuttle Information.

Click here to see modified schedules provided by the campus shuttle system during this period. 

Alternative Transportation Modes.

In many circumstances, parking a motor vehicle on campus may not be necessary. Click here for options.

Ok, I need to park a motor vehicle. How do I register it for campus parking?

  • Registration alternative…Students who opt not to register a vehicle for campus parking during the summer must pay for their parking through  the pay-by-app system and park in the Jeffords Lot, on the upper deck of the Gutterson parking structure, the College Street Visitor’s Lot or the Trinity North Lot on the Trinity Campus.
  • Note your state license plate you are about to submit in your application form will be your campus parking permit.  A digital readout of your plate alerts our staff of your assigned parking area.    No more permit mailings, office visits, plastic hangtags or stickers cluttering your vehicle or our landfills.   Every operator must ensure all vehicle information, including your license plate number,  is entered accurately.  No spaces, hyphens, punctuation or symbols between letters and numbers.  All letters and numbers must be included whether horizontal or stacked vertically.  You must notify Parking Services of any changes in your motor vehicle information during the period in which your permit remains valid.
  • Campus motor vehicle registration is done online here.   In-office transactions continue to be by appointment and are seldom necessary.  Questions or concerns may be emailed to or by calling us at 802-656-8686, Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am-4:30 pm and Friday’s until 3:00 pm.

I have registered my vehicle for Summer Commuter or Resident Parking…Where do I park?

Watch for signs throughout campus this summer indicating temporary lot closures due to maintenance & construction.

• Within Gutterson Garage or its surface areas outside of the enclosed sections of the parking structure on the Athletic Campus.
• Within Residential lots on the Athletic, Redstone and Trinity Campuses. Signs at or adjacent to the entrance to these lots indicate the word Resident.
• In Faculty/Staff Lots on the main campus after 3:30 pm and weekends
• There is an added payment option should the occasional need arise to park outside of your assigned locations.  By payment only between 7:00 am-3:30 pm, Mon-Fri in the Jeffords Lot and the College Street Visitor’s Lot.


Converse Lot/Central Campus--Take Notice…During the summer period, this lot is availble only to elgible campus residents holding resident black permit types and eligible employees.  Other Resident permit types and commuters are not allowed in the lot until after 3:30 pm and weekends.