Resident Students

Permit TypeFee
Resident: Black, Purple, and Red - Temp 30 dayTBA
Resident: Black, Purple, Red - Fall Semester onlyTBA
Resident: Black, Purple, Red - Academic YearTBA


Commuter Undergraduate, 1st and 2nd Year Medical and Graduate Students

Permit TypeFee
Commuter Brown - Academic YearTBA
 Commuter Brown - Fall Semester onlyTBA
Commuter Brown - Temp 30-DayTBA
Commuter Evening (Gold) -Academic YearTBA
Commuter Evening (Gold) - Fall Semester onlyTBA
Commuter Evening (Gold) - Temp 30-DayTBA
Commuter Brown and Evening (Gold) - Temp 1-dayTBA


3rd and 4th Year Medical Students

Permit TypeFee
Commuter Yellow - full permit cycle, June 1-May 31TBA
Commuter Yellow - Temp, 30-dayTBA
Commuter Yellow - Temp, weekTBA