Off-Site Residential Parking Permit September 2020…Attention! Temporary Location Change!!

The lot located at 351 Pine Street is currently unavailable. Eligible students with the Off-Site permit will be assigned to park in the Gutterson Garage on the Athletic Campus. This is the only area the Off-Site permit is valid at this time.

All permit applicants must complete the TPS 001: Parking Permit Course and attach the certificate of completion before ordering your permit.

*Off-Site Residential Permit $127.00 (Semester)

*Off-Site Residential Permit $230.00 (Academic Year)

*Add: $5.00 S&H

Off-Site Residential Parking Permits are for students, eligible for parking, who reside on campus in University housing.  This permit provides a parking option in a gated, secure area to those who are eligible to have a motor vehicle and are in need of one when on-campus parking options may not be available to them.   

The lot entrance is located at 351 Pine Street and is accessible via public transportation and cooperative shuttle arrangements with Champlain College.  Additional options are Green Cab, ride share apps such as Lyft and Uberwalking and biking.

This permit is not valid in any on-campus lots during restricted hours as posted. Please see the hours the lot will be secured, locked and inaccessible, along with your parking options should your vehicle be needed during those hours.

• The lot will be closed and gate locked from 5:00 pm through 7:00 am, Monday through Friday, including the entire weekend. Only in unforeseen emergency circumstances, University Police Services may meet you at the lot for access upon request. You are urged to plan accordingly, follow, and be aware of the lot hours. Frivolous reasons and repeat requests will not be considered.  

• Your off-site permit will be valid on campus in all three levels of the Gutterson Garage on the Athletic Campus from 3:30 pm-9:00 am, Monday through Friday and weekends. Note there is no overnight parking on the upper deck of the Gutterson Garage from November 15th through April 1st as posted. Do not park in the visitor areas posted with green signs indicating Pay-By-App parking. 


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