2019 - 2020 Residential Student Parking Permit Purchase Information

There are currently no additional Residential Parking permits available for purchase.

The administration is evaluating the feasibility of an off-site lot for which we may be able to sell permits for eligible on-campus residents. When/if that becomes a possibility, we will distribute an e-mail via student UVM e-mail accounts to provide information. At this time we have no further information.

All e-mails sent from Parking Services go to your uvm.edu e-mail address.  Along with this website, this is how we communicate all information to you concerning permit sales and parking updates.

Resident Permits/Resident Halls

Campus Residents are typically assigned parking areas according to the residence hall that they are assigned to live in. Parking Services reserves the right to assign students to a residential area different than their own if necessary.

For more information concerning each type of permit, please select appropriate permit below.

      Resident-Black (Converse; Central Campus Resident Hall)
      Resident-Blue (Harris-Millis; Marsh-Austin-Tupper; University Heights; Living/Learning)
      Resident-Red (Wing-Davis-Wilks; Christie-Wright-Patterson; Slade; Simpson-Mason-Hamilton; Redstone; Coolidge)
      Resident-Purple (Cottages; McAuley; Mercy; McCann; Hunt; Ready; Sichel; Richardson)