Special Event Parking (Athletics, Conferences or Invited Guests)

Transportation and Parking Services supports special events on campus by providing parking and, where necessary, shuttle services to clients and guests. All vehicles parked in campus parking facilities during restricted times must display a valid University issued permit or be parked in paid visitor parking areas. Clients and guests will be charged for the use of parking at the current visitor rate.

This procedure is designed to assure that clients and guests of the University are parked in a manner that reassures that the appropriate amount of parking resources are used to support the primary instructional mission of the University. The procedure also ensures that members of the University community (students, faculty and staff) who have parking assignments are able to find parking in assigned areas. Further, compliance with this procedure ensures that invited guests do not receive parking tickets while on campus.

This procedure applies to every individual requiring parking while attending an event held on the University campus. The responsibility for informing guests of this policy lies with the sponsoring or hosting entity. Conference and Events Services will work with all groups requesting building space to determine if parking is needed to support the event.

In cases where requests are made to use proximate parking areas the sponsoring or hosting entity will need to request the use of these spaces. All of these requests must go to either to the Parking Operations Manager or the Events Coordinator.

The Parking Operations Manager or his/her designee may require Parking Officers or shuttle services to manage parking during University events. Parking Officers and shuttles and shuttle services are required for all large events held Monday through Friday during hours when classes are scheduled.

When parking directional signs are needed signage must be approved by the Parking Operations Manager or his/her designee.

Definitions: client or guest is any individual not currently holding a status of faculty, staff, or student at the University who is attending an event held on the University campus. Employees of affiliated organizations with parking permits are also not considered clients or guests.

Restricted times refers to the signage at the entrance to parking facilities that indicates the time frame that a vehicle must have a permit displayed or use paid visitor parking.