Here are the basic things you need to know about permits: where to put them, how to pay for them, when they need to be replaced, and when they can be returned for a refund.

  • Permit Placement: The decals needs to affix properly to inside bottom of passenger's side windshield.
  • Hang Tag: Place on rearview mirror with permit information visible from front exterior. In cases where the hang tag cannot be seen if placed in this manner, please contact our office for Velcro to affix hangtag onto windshield.

Permit Payment Method for eligible faculty and staff who register for campus parking will be required to sign for pre-tax payroll deduction and have their parking fees deducted each pay period. All other permit fees are due at point of sale via cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or CAT$cratch.  Should a prepaid permit holder become eligible for an upgraded permit, the individual will be charged the prorated difference between his/her current rate and the new rate.

  • Replacement of Permit when a motor vehicle is sold or transferred to a new owner or user, the parking permit must be removed. The permit, or parts thereof, must be returned to Transportation and Parking Services, where a new corresponding permit will be issued free of charge.
  • If the permit is lost/stolen  or otherwise unobtainable, Transportation and Parking Services must be notified immediately. Individuals will be required to pay a non-refundable $10.00 replacement fee for administrative processing of a replacement permit.
  • Individuals must notify Transportation and Parking Services immediately of any change in their state license plate number, the vehicle registered, or their address. Individuals changing from one parking area to another must exchange the original permit for a new one in the proper zone.
  • Return of Permit/Refund for individuals who have prepaid for a full-time permit are entitled to a prorated refund upon removing their vehicle from campus. Prorated refunds will be determined by date of physical receipt of permit to the Transportation & Parking Services office.
  • Students: No refunds effective the first Monday of March. 
  • Affiliated Staff: No refunds effective May 1.
  • Faculty/staff that have parking fees payroll deducted are not eligible for a refund and are required to return their permit to the Transportation and Parking Services Office or immediate supervisor upon termination of employment. On the occasion of leaving one UVM department and beginning employment at another, please notify our office of your continued employment so we do not invalidate the existing parking permit upon receipt of any termination notices from Human Resources.

Permits that are determined to be unauthorized, altered, transferred, forged or otherwise invalid will not be eligible for a refund.