This project offers departments funding to help bridge the cost differential between internal combustion and electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

This funding can be used for the following projects: 
A) The purchase of a new or used electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle
B) The purchase and installation of an electric vehicle charging station
C) A topic related to electric vehicles or charging infrastructure, with justification for its applicability to the project goals

This project aims to:
A) Increase the number of electric vehicles in the campus fleet,
B) Educate students and employees about electric vehicles through hands-on experience,
C) Increase the amount of and accessibility to electric vehicle charging infrastructure on campus.

Funding: $10,000 total, with an incentive cap of $2,000 per departmental request. This funding was awarded by the SRI Advisory Council (SRIAC) from the Sustainable Campus Fund (SCF).

Eligibility requirements: All applicants must be an active working member of the UVM community. All applications must be approved by the department Fleet Manager.  

Criteria for selection: Preference will be given to departments who:
A) Are looking to replace a vehicle that is:

  • Used very frequently
  • Over 10 years old

B) Are looking to fund a charging station, and currently have an electric vehicle with no place to charge it
C) Have active student use of the vehicle
D) Are willing to share the vehicle with other departments

Program Details:
If funds will be used to purchase a vehicle (Project A), accepted applicants will work with Abby Bleything and David Brantley to determine an appropriate electric or hybrid plug-in vehicle make and model. Applicants may also specify a make and model of interest in the application. The funding will be awarded to the purchasing department upon completion of the sale and delivery of the receipt to Abby Bleything.

If funds will be used to purchase/install an EV station (Project B), accepted applicants will work alongside Abby Bleything and David Brantley to coordinate with Transportation and Parking Services (TPS) and the Physical Plant Department (PPD). TPS will determine locations of parking spaces that can be converted into fleet-specific spaces. PPD will advise on electrical-hookups, electric grid capacity, and physical installation (including but not limited to running wiring or conduit). These conversations will require participation from a representative in the applicant’s department to share insights and advocate for the needs of the department. The funding will be awarded to the purchasing department upon completion of the sale and delivery of the receipt to Abby Bleything.

Questions? Any questions regarding this application should be directed to David Brantley ( To get a quicker response, please include the name “Green Fleet Incentive Fund Application” in the subject line of the email.

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