Welcome to the start of spring semester 2021. 

Space inventory at the beginning of this semester warrants both our full-time university employee permit holders and our affiliated organization employees the choice of an upgrade to their current parking zone designations.  Note this opportunity is temporary and subject to change as conditions evolve.  Please stay tuned to our website and your university email for further notifications.   

Beginning on January 30, 2021 Zone White and Brown permit holders may upgrade their permit in one-month intervals at the rate of $10/month for active Employee/Affiliate White permit holders and $20/month for active Employee/Affiliate Brown permit holders. Here’s how it works….

An office visit nor returning your current permit will not be necessary for this upgrade.  In person office transactions are currently limited to “only if necessary” conditions and by appointment only.

For your information and if you wish review, vehicles associated with your current employee hang-tag my be viewed and updated here.  If you wish to park in the Green Zones as space allows, please log in to our parking portal to select the Order Permits tab and select the White, or Brown to Green Upgrade. You must remember to associate the vehicle(s) you will be parking on campus at point of sale, as they will not be assigned authomatically. Payment is accepted by credit card on line. Do not call to pay over the phone.

The upgrade will be sold in one month intervals. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to renew monthly unless notified in advance by Parking Services that the upgrade is no longer available.  

You must continue to display your current White or Brown permit in plain view per regulation. Your green upgrade if applicable, will be visible to our staff electronically.  

Please note future exceptions to Zone designations including Semester Breaks and summer sessions will be at an additional rate for the exception.  Rates may be subject to change from those above. 

We thank you for your time and patience.  Further questions or concerns may be directed to parking@uvm.edu.