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In accordance with the American with Disabilities Act as amended, the University reserves parking spaces on campus for individuals with disabilities. Parking in these spaces is always free with a valid disabled placard issued to by any state.

UVM students, faculty, staff, vendors, other affiliates with disabilities(such as temporary employees, volunteers) are required to register their placard/plate(s) and vehicle with the Transportation and Parking Services office. By providing this placard or plate information, along with the documentation confirming to whom it is registered, we can properly enforce these spaces on campus. This also allows us to make a notation under each of your vehicles indicating your placard information, to inform us of your eligibility when you forget to display. Once registered, the placard or plate will be considered to be the UVM parking permit and must be displayed at all times when parked on campus.

Any vehicle displaying a valid accessible placard/license plate may park in any accessible space, regular space, or meter (without paying). Spaces you should not park in are spaces which are reserved, either for a person (with a specific permit number at the head of it), or spaces we have coned or barricaded off unless they are specially reserved for disability parking, Service Vehicle spaces, any space outlined for a specific use (for instance electronic vehicle charging station spaces, unless you are charging), or any other space on campus with a sign indicating it is a towable offense to park in it without the proper authorization. There is also no parking in lined out areas or fire lanes (roadway).

Not all persons who need accessible parking need van accessible spaces. Whenever possible please be mindful and use a standard accessible space. This will allow those who require the use of a designated van accessible space access to those spaces.

Below are links to the application forms for both permanent and temporary disabled parking placards from the State of Vermont, Department of Motor Vehicles:

Temporary and Permanent Disabled Parking Placards/Plates

Affiliates: As this is your permit, please visit our office with your placard and the document indicating you are the registered owner. Or, you may scan a copy of your placard/picture of your disability plate with the document indicating you are the registered owner to parking@uvm.edu.(Link opens in new window).  Any current UVM permit should be returned for a possible refund or the stopping of your payroll deduction.

UVM Accessible Placards

In the event an affiliated individual develops a short term disability through injury or illness, a temporary disabled placard may be issued by the University for no more than four weeks. This four-week period should be sufficient to assist with approved minor injuries or assess further needs and process a disability request through the state. The Department of Transportation and Parking Services does not gather or interpret doctor's notes. One of the basic considerations in providing this accommodation is access to other reasonable transportation (for instance the Campus Area Transportation System) from your assigned parking area. Keep in mind, accessible parking does not guarantee you a space close to your building, people often walk less steps when utilizing the shuttle buses as they will pick you up at a lot and drop you closer to your destination.


Any student experiencing a temporary mobility impairment and wishing to apply for a UVM disability placard must submit an application with the Center for Health and Wellbeing's Student Health Services. This process involves a two-part form (one for the doctor, one for the student to fill out) which must be reviewed before a recommendation can be expressed to Parking Services. The reviewer at Student Health Services will review the application and documentation and will contact the student within 72 hours with a decision. In some circumstances, they may designate parking at appropriate and accessible (by campus shuttle or other means) spaces other than accessible spaces. Cases will be determined on an individual basis.

LEARN MORE: The Center for Health & Wellbeing Short Term Accommodations for a Temporary Health-Related Condition(link opens a new window)


Any faculty/staff experiencing a temporary mobility impairment and wishing to apply for a UVM disability placard must contact the ADA/504 Coordinator at 656-0945. This office will review your medical information, what your needs are to successfully continue to work (with the support of your department), and make a recommendation to Parking Services.

State of Vermont Special Registration Plates and Placard for People with Disabilities

The state of Vermont issues permanent disabled placards, as well as a temporary version of the same, according to its own process (see State of Vermont, Statutes Annotated; Title 23 Section 304a).


ada spaces

ADA Parking Map (link opens in new window)