The goal of the Complimentary Occasional Use Permits Program is to provide a way for people who ordinarily commute to campus via other methods to occasionally park on campus if needed. The program is intended for full-time benefitted UVM employees who may request limited complimentary permits annually.

Requirements and Details:

Full-time UVM employees without an active parking permit may request limited complimentary Occasional Use Permits. Location eligibility in based on office locations in accordance with records from Human Resources; participation in this program does not allow the employee to choose the zone in which they will park.

The number of complimentary days of parking that will be issued is equal to the number of months the employee is contracted to work, i.e. a 9-month employee will receive 9 days of complimentary parking if requested at the beginning of the permit cycle (June 1). A 12-month employee will receive 12 complimentary days if the request is made the first month of the permit cycle.

The number of complimentary days that are issued prorates monthly. If the request for the complimentary permit is made after a month of the permit cycle has passed, the employee will receive one less day on the permit than they would have had the request been made a month earlier.  (Example: if the 12-month employee in the example above asks for the complimentary permit in July, they would receive 11 complimentary days.)

In the event that the employee runs out of complimentary days, they can continue with the same type of permit if they wish by purchasing at the prices below. Please remember that zone eligibility is still determined by Parking Services in accordance with Human Resources records.

  • Occasional Use Green (Green Zone parking)  - $4.00 per day
  • Occasional Use White - (White Zone parking) - $3.00 per day
  • Occasional Use Brown (Brown Zone parking) -$2.00 per day

Occasional use permits follow the same permit cycle as regular permits (June 1st – May 31). Previously issued permits will expire on May 31st. Anyone wishing to continue with program must reapply.

Use of permits

The customer is responsible for filling in the "expires" area of the permit with the date the permit is being used with an indelible marker provided by Transportation and Parking Services. These permits are valid only in the area as indicated in writing on the front of the permit. Any use of permits for purposes other than intended, or failure to fill in an expiration date, or failure to display the permit clearly on the dash may result in a violation being issued or may result in the loss of eligibility for this program.