Bicycle Rentals

UVM Bikes! offers quality rental bicycles to students at an affordable rate, because we believe every student should have access to a bicycle. More information can be found below under bicycle rental FAQs.

Fall 2024 Bike Rental Interest Form

Bicycle Repairs

Thanks to the help and dedication of our volunteer mechanics, we are able to offer free repair services. If your repair requires replacement parts, however, then you’ll need to pay for those parts.

Our repair services work differently from a regular bike shop. Our volunteer mechanics work with you, not for you, teaching you how to repair your bike and helping where they need to. Our goal is to increase your ability to repair a bicycle, so you will get out of the process what you are willing to put into it. This is why we do not allow drop-off repairs — you must be present and engaged for the length of the repair.

For security reasons, you cannot leave your bicycle unattended in the co-op, and UVM Bikes! is not liable for theft if you wander off without your bike. If you need to store your bike, you can lock it on the rack right outside the door.

Services & Parts Pricing


Semester rental bike$25.00
Summer rental bike$30.00
Day / Weekend rental bike$5.00 / day
Tandem bike rental$10.00 / day

Parts & Accessories

700c presta$4.00
700c schrader$4.00
26” presta$4.00
26” schrader$4.00
V-brake pads$4.00 / pair
Cantilever brake pads$4.00 / pair
X-caliper brake pads$2.00 / pair
Road caliper brake pads$6.00 / pair
Shift cables$2.00 / cable
Road brake cables$2.00 / cable
MTB brake cable$2.00 / cable
Shift cable housing$1.00 / ft
Brake cable housing$1.00 / ft
6/7/8 speed chain$8.00
9 speed chain$16.00
Flat-bar shifter$8.00
Front derailleur$10.00
Rear derailleur (6/7 speed)$8.00
Rear derailleur (8/9 speed)$12.00
26″ hybrid$15.00 each
700c hybrid$10.00 each
700c road$20.00 each
Flat-bar grips$5.00 / pair
Bar tape$6.00
Bottle cage$4.00
Cable lock$10.00

Used Parts

Used part pricing is dependent on the condition and value of the part sold.

How to Pay for Parts

To pay for parts:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your UVM netid
  3. Search “UVM Bikes”
  4. Click the “Get Tickets” button next to the “UVM Bikes! Parts” listing
  5. Select the ticket which matches the cost of your part
  6. Click “Select Seats”
  7. Enter your payment info if needed
  8. Show us the receipt and you’re good to go!

We do not accept cash or Venmo payments, as per SGA regulations.

Bicycle Rental FAQs

UVM Bikes! offers quality rental bicycles to UVM students at affordable rates, because we believe every student should have access to a bicycle. Here are some answers to common questions about the program. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, shoot us an email at

How do I rent a bike?

We rent our bicycles out at the start of each semester using a two-step method of reservation and first-come/first-serve. A week or two into the start of the fall semester, we send out a rental reservation form to everyone on the rental interest mailing list (sign up for that here). Reservation slots are limited by the number of bikes in our fleet. Once you reserve a rental bicycle, you can come into the shop during our regular hours to pick out a bike. We do our best to match everyone up with the bike that fits and works best for them, but sometimes we can’t accommodate everyone’s specific wants and needs.

How much does a bike rental cost?

Bike rental costs can be found above.

How long is a rental good for?

Our longest rental duration offered is one semester. If you rent a bike in the Fall, for example, you are required to return it to us before Winter Break. When you return it, you will have the option to renew your rental for the Spring semester if you would like to continue renting. The same goes for those who have a Spring semester rental and would like to continue renting their bike during the summer. This policy is in place because it gives us an opportunity to check over rental bikes on a regular basis and make sure they’re still riding well.

Can I rent a bike for just a day or two?

Yes! We have several bikes in our fleet which are reserved for short-term rentals (1-7 days). The short-term rental bikes are generally nicer, more specialized bikes, like our tandem bike, a few basic mountain bikes, and our touring bikes.

Do you provide locks or helmets with rentals?

Yes! We provide a lock with every rental, which you are expected to use (you will be liable for the cost of stolen rental bikes if they are not properly secured). We also provide helmets, but selection is limited so we cannot guarantee a perfect fit for everyone.

What happens if my rental bike breaks?

All repair costs for co-op rental bikes are covered under the rental fee—for example, if you bust a tube, or need replacement brake pads for your rental bike, you won’t have to pay for the replacement parts.

What do I do with my rental bike in the winter?

During the winter we require that you return your bike to UVM Bikes! for storage. Almost all damage to our rental bikes occurs due to winter conditions. If you wish to ride your rental during the winter, let us know and that can be arranged—in this case, we will require that you store your rental indoors (inside your dorm room/apartment, the dorm bike rooms, or the covered storage room outside CCRH are acceptable). If you do not store your rental bike properly during the winter, we reserve the right to reclaim your rental from you and charge you for the damages incurred.

Who is eligible to rent a bike?

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at UVM, you are eligible to rent a bicycle. Other UVM affiliates will be considered on a case-by-case basis.