Video: First-hand experience of two students' sustainability student experience.


    academics and researchA deep commitment to incorporating sustainability into every student's academic experience creates an environment where the next generation's sustainability leaders thrive. 


    Since 2009, the Sustainability Faculty Fellows program trains faculty from all disciplines on sustainability.

    The program's goal is to infuse sustainability and systems thinking into at least 15 new courses per year. The Sustainability Faculty Fellows Program continues to be a model for successful implementation of sustainability education across disciplinary boundaries.

    Sustainability and diversity academic requirements reflect our commitment to a just world and a healthy planet.

    UVM's sustainability general education requirement reflects our commitment to a just world and a healthy planet. All UVM undergraduate degree students must  successfully complete one three-credit course to learn about the social, ecological and economic dimensions of sustainability and gain the skills and values to address complex societal problems. Students may choose from a variety of approved sustainability courses

    Students can continue to learn about sustainability and contribute to solutions through service-learning courses, internships, and capstone projects. 

    The Studying the Environment at UVM page offers a glimpse of everything from academics to research and ways to get involved. 

    Research centers contribute to local and global sustainability.

    UVM sustainability-related research facilities include the Miller Farm, Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Rubenstein Ecosystem Science Lab, Horticulture Research and Education Center, Food Systems Initiative, Gund Institue for the Environment, Clean Cities Coalition, Center for Rural Studies, the Complex Systems Center, and the Transportation Research Center,


    of departments have sustainability course offerings, and 20% of all courses taught in 2018-2019 were sustainability-related.


    Academic sustainability in the news:


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