Smart Grid

In Search of the Smart Grid

BY JOSHUA BROWN, Vermont Quarterly

The sun is trying to shine on Rutland, Vermont. It’s a gray morning in April, but a few beams cut the clouds as Nathan Adams ’96 and I turn off Route 4 and head up City Dump Road. We pass two trucks unloading garbage at a transfer station. Then we get out of the car and start walking through the mud toward the top of this now-closed landfill. Amidst piles of melting snow, 7,722 silicon solar panels cover ten acres like so many rows of purple tabletops tipped toward the south. READ MORE

Plugging into the Smart Grid: How College and Universities Can Get Involved

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prepared and presented by Mieko A. Ozeki, Sustainability Projects Coordinator, at the Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference on April 2, 2012 at Syracuse University.

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