Environmental Report Card

“Envisioning Environment at UVM” – Announcing Public Forums


The Envisioning Environment committee has prepared preliminary plans for conducting a campus-wide inventory of environmentally-engaged outreach, research, and education. This inventory will be developed through several formats, with information to be collected and posted on the provost’s web site for public access.  These formats include:

1) weekly public forums open to all (Wednesdays 4-6pm, see below for schedule)

2) a campus-wide faculty survey to identify environmental research efforts, resource needs, and creative ideas

3) meetings with the Council of Deans and provost’s office

4) two public forums for environmental graduate and undergraduate students (dates and locations TBD)

5) a web site with relevant committee documents and posted program summaries

The weekly public forums will be held on Wednesdays 4:00-6:00pm; topics and locations are listed below.  All are welcome to attend. The committee is identifying potential presenters for each of the session topics.  Presentations will be based on materials prepared for the website, with Q&A to follow with the committee.  More detailed agendas will be available on the Envisioning Environment website on the provost’s page.  Please contact the co-chairs if you wish to be considered for any of these sessions (skaza@uvm.edu or bwemple@uvm.edu.)

October 17th - Environmentally-engaged Outreach Programs

Waterman Memorial Lounge, 4-6pm

Presentations from: Continuing Education, Extension, CUPPS, Jeffords Center, UVM-State relations, possibly others TBD

October 24th - Environmentally-engaged Research Centers

Waterman 427 Lecture Hall, 4-6pm

October 31st - Environmentally-engaged Graduate Education

Waterman Memorial Lounge, 4-6pm

November 7th - Environmentally-engaged Undergraduate Education

Billings Lecture Hall, 4-6pm

November 14th - Environmentally-engaged Faculty Research

Waterman Memorial Lounge, 4-6pm

November 28th - TBD as needed

Billings Marsh Lounge, 4-6pm

December 5th - TBD as needed

Waterman Memorial Lounge, 4-6pm

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