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Bike Users Group presents @ Environmental Forum on pilot Bike Share program

Workmans Bike (All rights reserved by yanks9596)

Jesse Simmons '11 presented at the March Environmental Forum meeting on the upcoming launch of a Bike Share pilot program at UVM on March 28th. This program was initiated by students of the Bike Users Group (BUG) . 

Jesse Simmons presentation can be found here.  

"The Bike Users Group (BUG) of the University of Vermont strives to increase bike accessibility,knowledge, and infrastructure for the shared benefit of our physical and environmental health. BUG aims toprovide a bike sharing program andstudent run bike shop where everyone from bike enthusiasts to beginners can find education on bike maintenance, safety, and the benefits of emission-free transportation." 

With the help of the Office of Sustainability, Risk Management, Campus Planning Services, and Transportation & Parking, BUG agreed on an implementation plan, criteria for success, roles and responsibilities for the Bike Share program. Phase I of the pilot program begins on March 28th with the set up 3 bike hubs and 17 bikes. The hubs will be located on Trinity campus (@ McAuley), Davis Center, and Redstone campus (@ Simpson). The bikes are customized and made by Workmans Cycle


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