Campus Sustainability Discussion Lists and Electronic Newsletters

National / International

  • AASHE Campus Sustainability Discussion Forums
    A public forum for anyone with an interest in learning about or contributing to the growing body of knowledge on campus sustainability. The forums are organized to cover key topics in education and research, campus operations, and campus planning, engagement and administration.


  • AASHE Bulletin (newsletter)
    A weekly compilation of news, opportunities, new resources, job postings, and events related to sustainability in higher education. Subscribers include campus administrators, faculty, staff, students and professionals interested in campus sustainability. Produced by AASHE staff.


  • Green Schools (GRNSCH-L) 
    A discussion list focused on sustainable campus operations. It is devoted to the exchange of ideas, support, and technical information among people working on institutional change to improve environmental performance and sustainability at universities. Typical postings include queries or discussions on specific topics such as environmental auditing. Hosted at Brown University.



Regional or Specialized

  • Sustainability Abroad
    A discussion list about sustainability in college level education abroad programs (e.g. program design and management, curriculum and student learning, staff training, promotion). Hosted by Living Routes - Study Abroad in Ecovillages.



  • HE-SL
    A forum for the discussion of issues concerning the higher education service-learning community. Discussions revolve around curriculum requests, class assignments and the institutionalization of service-learning. Hosted by the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse.


    A discussion list focused on improving campus solid waste management practices in such areas as recycling, waste reduction, and procurement. Subscriptions are limited to campus recycling coordinators. Hosted by the College and University Recycling Council.


  • Idealist On Campus
    A discussion list for the campus community to share resources, programs, and ideas related to service, activism, and socially responsible work. Hosted by Action Without Borders.



    A discussion list for the exchange of event announcements, resources, and information related to sustainability on New Jersey campuses. Hosted by the New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability.


  • UMACS Announce
    A moderated list for postings of announcements and events such as campus sustainability conferences, meetings, and workshops of particular interest to Upper Midwest campuses. Hosted by the Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability (UMACS).
  • UMACS-Discuss
    A moderated list for questions & discussion about campus sustainability resources and practices of particular interest to Upper Midwest campuses. Hosted by the Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability (UMACS).
  • UMACS-Sustain
    A list for sustainability coordinators or people in similar positions. It is intended to foster communication between people with job descriptions broadly encompassing campus sustainability, is moderated, and all subscriptions must be approved by the list owner.

Student / Youth Focused


  • Real Food Challenge
    The Real Food Challenge (RFC) is a growing national network of students and youth dedicated to building a healthy, just and sustainable food economy for all. Our primary campaign is to shift 20% of the $5 billion spent annually by colleges and universities on food to "real food"--local/community-base, fair, ecologically sound, and humane food--by 2020.


  • USFT
    A series of e-mail lists about student fair trade organizing. Hosted by United Students for Fair Trade (USFT).


  • USAS
    A series of e-mail lists about student activism against sweatshops. Hosted by United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS).


  • SEACnet
    A series of e-mail lists about different aspects of student environmental action. Hosted by Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC).