The Office of Sustainability website details our work bridging academics and operations. But University of Vermont commitment to sustainability goes far beyond the Office of Sustainability's activities. The campus and wider Burlington area community provide fertile ground for faculty, staff, and students to learn together while working towards ecological, social, and economic health. Here is a hint of what is happening across the university:

  • Student leadership and activism toward social and environmental justice is integral to the culture of the Davis Center and the Student Government Association
  • Academic programs and research centers supporting sustainability abound, with local and global opportunities for active learning
  • Staff are committed to working with students and faculty to incorporate Our Common Ground values and new knowledge into campus operations

Also, check out stories in the  "Environment News"   section on the University Communications website.

Student leadership

  • Activism is embedded in the culture of student government, whose resolutions and campaigns challenge the administration to change practices. See the latest map of student groups.
  • Student leadership development often starts with student Eco-Reps, who teach peers ecologically and socially responsible habits in the residence halls.
  • Community engagement of an academically rigorous kind is supported through the Community-University Partnerships for Service-Learning, with a focus on sustainability and dozens of courses involved.

Academic programs

Staff commitment