Sustainability Officers 1.0 to 2.0 Toolkit: Strategic and Sane Workload Management of People, Projects, and Programs on Your Campus


prepared by Mieko Ozeki, Lindsey Cromwell Kalkbrenner (Santa Clara University), Tavey McDaniel Capps (Duke University), and Smith Getterman (Baylor University) and presented at AASHE 2012 Conference.

Sustainability staff are involved in many initiatives at a time, and often these are run in collaboration with multiple stakeholders. The Sustainability Office version 1.0 consisted of one staffer--it was easy to determine priorities, manage work flow, and keep track of programs and contacts. The Sustainability Office version 2.0 consists of multiple staff (or students) and a bigger presence on campus. This means we are faced with more “hands in the toybox” and increasing demands from the campus community. How do we juggle multiple concurrent projects, share institutional memory, nurture relationships with campus contacts, repeat best practices, and avoid past mistakes? Overall, how do we create a sense of personal sustainability within the professional operation of our sustainability programs?

Sustainability officers from four universities will share strategies they use to seek balance in the workplace. Many tools exist to help (or hinder) our workflow and projects--we just need to identify our specific needs and determine which tool is best for our work environment. Panelists will share tools they use to increase efficiency when managing staff and students, organizing and tracking progress of multiple projects, documenting and sharing campus metrics, and effectively harness the power of collaboration with campus partners. Rather than simply describing the tools we use, and the purpose(s) they serve on our campuses, we will share our thought processes and strategies in tool selection.