Student-led Campaigns

Divesting from Fossil Fuels

Student activists have been pushing for UVM to divest from fossil fuels, as part of a push at a number of colleges and universities. See the students' Facebook page at

and visit the Burlington Free Press website for recent articles.

Bottle Water Ban and Beverage Systems Campaign

Students pushed to change practices at the conclusion of the 10-year beverage contract on June 30, 2012. See the Bottled Water site for media, history, and more!

Bike Share Program Initiative

The student-led Bike Users Group has worked with Transportation & Parking Services Director Jim Barr and Campus Planning Services' Associate Planner Lani Ravin to develop a pilot bike sharing program and a bike shop on campus. 

To learn more about BUG, check out their Facebook page.

Campus Environmental & Social Justice Organizations

During Fall 2011, Brie Timm '13 organized a potluck for student organizations involved in environmental, climate, and social justice organizations. She realized while attending PowerShift  the year before that student groups interested in the same issues as her were not communicating with each other on campus. Brie came up with the idea of the "Campus Canopy," a group website connecting UVM environmental and social justice organizations with each other on their group's activities. 

Want to learn more about the Campus Canopy, check out:

Join the Campus Canopy listserv at: