The University of Vermont in partnership with Middlebury College hosted the 6th Annual Northeast Campus Sustainability Consortium Conference on October 26-27, 2009. Over 130 sustainability practitioners, students, faculty, and staff from Northeastern and Canadian colleges and universities were in attendance. 

What will higher education look like in 2020? How well-positioned are colleges and universities to adapt changing economic, social, and environmental conditions? How might these changes affect our institutions' ability to prepare students to contribute to meaningful change as citizens and community members? 
The theme of the conference, "Sustainability and Emerging Futures in Higher Education," explored the driving forces that could affect the nature of higher education and the readiness of sustainability programs to adapt to significant changes.  Conference activities included a college president's panel, presentations, and lively group dialogues that will explore possible sceanrios of the future as they apply to four conference tracks: Energy, Buildings & Transportation; Culture & Food; Leadership, Service & Community Connections; and Planning & Communications

Conference program and presentations: