The newsletter is designed to give readers the monthly pulse of the Office of Sustainability. Every issue will include an update on the Environmental Forum, a message from the Director, and updates on other sustainability activities happening at UVM. Check out our archived newsletters from Fall 2008 to January/February 2011, created on Constant Contact before our new website upgrade.


  • January/February 2011 issue: Coke Contract, Historic Building Preservation, Earth Week 2011 Planning, Freecycle @ UVM, Forum Update - Sustainability Education. 
  • November 2010 issue:  Senate Resolution to Advance STARS on campus, Sustainability Faculty Fellows, Weatherize your off-campus apartment, Connecting You With Transportation Choices, Eco-Reps Update, Ideascale, Forum Update - Climate Action Plan. 
  • October 2010 issue:  Clean Energy Fund Projects & Proposals, Bottled Water Campaign, Global Work Party update, Forum Update - Clean Energy Fund. 
  • September 2010 issue: Standards in Campus Sustainability Surveys, New Graduate Fellows, Global Work Party. 


  • May 2010 issue: Environmental Citizens Award, Service Learning and STARS, Way to Go! Commuter Challenge, Clean Energy Fund recipients, Earth Week 2010, Forum Update - Campus Sustainability in the Classroom. 
  • April 2010 issue:  Sustainability Faculty Fellows first year, Eco-Reps 2010-2011, Newman's Own Foundation Award to Campus Kitchens, Campus Sustainability Leadership Program, Forum Update - Composting at UVM. 
  • March 2010 issue:  NOFA conference at UVM, CATMA, Jim Barr - Director of Transportation and Parking Services, Forum Update - Transportation. 
  • January 2010 issue:  Erica Spiegel wins Sustainability Hero Award, SGA Resolution on Bottled Water Ban, NWF Campus Ecology Program- Generation E, Real Food Challenge, Forum Update - Student Engagement. 
  • November 2009 issue: Sustainability Faculty Fellows, Greening of Aiken, Blurb It, Forum Update - Carbon Neutral UVM. 
  • October 2009 issue:  Clean Energy Fund Request Proposals, New Undergraduate Interns, Keep Local Farms, E-Waste and Techno Trash, Forum Update - Sustainability Across the Curriculum. 
  • September 2009 issue: Thank You Deac!, New Graduate Fellows, Rocky Mountain Institute Grant, Mapping Renewable Energy Opportunities at UVM. 


  • Summer 2009 issue: Focus the Nation/ Earth Week 2009, ECO-Block in the SGA, Forum Update - Undergraduate Research Presentations, Clean Energy Fund Committee updates, 2008-2009 Eco-Reps Program, Campus Sustainability courses. 
  • April 2009 issue: UVM & Global Climate Change, President's Climate Commitment, Power Shift followup, Forum Update - Climate Action Planning at UVM. 
  • March 2009 issue:  Sustainable Food and Farming, overview of UVM Farm's, an update on campus composting, sustainability winners from Slade Hall, Forum Update -  Local & Sustainable Foods & Farms at UVM.
  • February 2009 issue:  Compostable dinnerware, the Forest Crime Unit focusing on Power Shift, Focus the Nation 2009, the Davis Center's LEED certification, Sustainability Interns, Forum Update - Graduate Student Reports. 
  • December 2008 issue: First Clean Energy Fund Committee meeting, transportation demand management at UVM, student environmental groups, Mieko Ozeki as the sustainability projects coordinator, Forum Update - Transportation & the Environment. 
  • November 2008 issue:  VCSN, Office of Sustainability fellows, Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Forest Crimes Unit & removal of Kimberly Clark, Forum Update-  Climate Change & UVM's Response.