The Bike Sharing Program, student initiated and coordinated by the Bike User's Group (BUG),  launched in March 2011. The short videos below are on BUG and on how the Bike Sharing Program works at UVM. 


The Bike Users Group (BUG) of the University of Vermont strives to increase bike accessibility, knowledge, and infrastructure for the shared benefit of our physical and environmental health. BUG aims to provide a bike sharing program and student run bike shop where everyone from bike enthusiasts to beginners can find education on bike maintenance, safety, and the benefits of emission-free transportation. 

To learn more about BUG, contact them at


What is The Bike User's Group (BUG)? from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.


Utilizing UVM's Bike User's Group (BUG) from UVM Sustain on Vimeo.