Below are Excel files with square footage and monthly electricity data for individual buildings on UVM's campus.  The data files are listed by year, starting in 2006 until 2012.


Several of the buildings in the Building Square Footage file are split up.  For example, the Davis Center is divided up into several components including the main space, food vendors, Brennan's, Cat Pause, the Bookstore, etc.  Hence the total square footage for the Davis Center is the sum of all the areas with the Building ID Code starting with "034" for a total of 195,831 square feet.

For electricity data, some buildings' energy usage may have changed for some months/years because the building was not in operation or was being leased out to a non-UVM user.  A building may show no, or decreased, energy use for some months or years because it was being renovated (offline).  Alternatively, a building may suddenly appear or have energy use data because it was built that year, was finished being renovated, or was acquired/bought by UVM (online).

Other buildings may show 0 energy use because they are being metered with an adjecent building.  Therefore, ensure that the data make sense when looking at invididual buildings' energy use or averaging a selected number of buildings.


Building Square Footage

Electricity Use by Building - 2006

Electricity Use by Building - 2007

Electricity Use by Building - 2008

Electricity Use by Building - 2009

Electricity Use by Building - 2010

Electricity Use by Building - 2011

Electricity Use by Building - 2012

These files will be updated on a regular basis as new data are made available. 

Please see the Tracking Progress page for more information about UVM's progress towards sustainability. 


Last updated on July 30, 2012.