During the spring 2012 semester, the ENVS 187 Campus Sustainability course focused on visually presenting aspects of campus sustainability via maps.  This Service-Learning course was co-taught by sustainability graduate fellows Steve Posner

The students went on various field trips on and around campus to learn about campus operations and the initiatives surrounding sustainability related to those topics.  Field trip topics included: LEED™ buildings; existing/historic buildings; lab buildings; Davis Center; solid waste and recycling; hazardous waste; grounds; Eco-Reps; Clean Energy Fund; transportation; Dining Services; and Central Heating & Cooling Plant.

UVM Transportation map
(Snapshot of UVM Transportation map)

Each group of students worked on creating a map in Google Earth for their topic.  Their "aspects" topics included: Academics, Buildings, Climate, Dining, Energy, Extracurriculars, Grounds, Operations, Residential, Transportation, Waste, and Water.  


The projects below are in KML (Keyhole Markup Language) and KMZ files. Maps can be viewed by clicking the links below and file will open in Google Maps.