Team Initiatives 


The Eco-Reps hold an ongoing partnership with the campaign UVMHeartsWater. As of 2012, UVM decided to end the sale of bottled water on campus, and to mandate healthy vending options. Learn more about this campus-wide initative. Our goal was to educate students, faculty, and staff that bottled water is wasteful in many ways. Here at UVM we have clean, safe, free drinking water that is available to all. Let's kick the bottled water habit! 

Personal Projects

Shower Timers | Spring 2019 | Kat Lewis '19

As a personal project in the spring of 2018, shower timers were implemented in the Central Campus Residential Hall!

This was in effort to educate residents on water consumption, and encourage reducing water consumption in the dorms. Learn more about the Greening CCRH project.