Student Sustainability Leaders Symposium

The Eco-Reps helped host and sponsor UVM students to attend the 8th Annual Student Sustainability Student Leaders Symposium (SSLS) at Champlain College on November 5, 2017. 

This conference is specifically designed for students who are involved in sustainability efforts on their campus. This is a uniquely tailored opportunity for student sustainability leaders to meet and collaborate with peers from other institutions!

SSLS showcased sustainable conferencing by hosting regional hubs for students residing a long distance from the Philadelphia region, where the main event was held at Swarthmore. The day featured a campus tour, 21 short presentations by students and regional young professionals, a keynote address and roundtable discussions. All presentations were given at Swarthmore, broadcasted at Champlain College via Zoom video-conferencing.



Follow the Leaf Campaign

In April 2013, Eco-Reps launched their "Follow the Leaf" campaign with a tabling event where passersby wrote out their eco-pledges and the group premiered a video to kick-off the campaign. 

UVM Eco Reps labeled the "eco-option" across campus with a leaf logo. Choosing the eco-option is an easy way to ensure you're doing your part to live sustainably! Many of the leaves were in our dining halls, including Brennan's, Eco-Ware at UVM or UVM Real Food Challenge. 

In residential halls and in the Davis Center, the Eco-Reps placed 'eco-option' stickers on choices like used books in the bookstore, next to Local Food options in the Marketplace, and next to the 'Brights Option' on laundry machines in the dorms.

During the event, students signed pledge leaves with sustainable choices they pledge to make. In addition to many 'turn off the water while brushing my teeth,' 'compost,' and 'take shorter showers,' here are a few more creative examples:

  • Dry my clothes without a dryer - Yay clotheslines!
  • Smile and help the planet every way I can everyday
  • Use hairspray cans without aerosols
  • Facilitate a child's love for nature
  • Grow all of my greens this summer
  • Buy eco-ware next year

Overall, we had over 150 students stop by and sign pledges. We also gave away cookies to students that answered questions correctly about being 'Green' on campus.