During the Fall of 2013 the Eco-Reps formed six teams with the objective creating impact in the residential halls. The programs included...

Water Conservation  - The eco-reps water conservation team hosted an informational movie event, created a raffle with donated water bottles from Outdoor Gear Exchange, and polled residents about water conservation in dorms.

Recycling - The eco-reps recycling team conducted a door-to-door survey and trash audit. Events they hosted include valentines to the world at the Marche, pledges and surveys at North Side CafĂ©, and informing people how to properly recycling notebooks for finals week.

Transportation - The eco-reps transportation team worked to better inform residents about the CCTA bus schedule, RideShare UVM Facebook page, CarShare Vermont, and in the spring, Burlington Bike Benefits and the BUG on-campus program. Alternative forms can be very dependent based on the time of the year and weather, so it is important to alter one’s outreach style. 

Reuse/Eco-Ware - The eco-reps reuse team focused was on promoting Eco-Ware in residence halls across campus. The Eco-Ware containers reduce the use of one-time use plastic take-out packaging on campus. The program was launched in January 2011 in a few University of Vermont venues and has since expanded to new on-campus locations.

Compost - The eco-reps compost team worked on encouraging composting through informing residents about the location and options of composting on campus. The main communications channels used were in-dorm posters, bulletin boards and peer to peer education tables in lobbies. The students partnered with Slade hall for an event featuring a compost display and free compost bags.

Energy Conservation - The eco-reps energy team worked with Vermont Energy Efficiency to conduct surveys to measure wasted energy throughout the residence halls. The team created little paper ghosts to inform residents about ghost energy and conducted the yearly bulb swap around residence halls.