Eco-Reps Annual Report 2018-19

Eco-Reps had a productive year!

Check out our experience, reach, and impact in our annual report here.

Narrative behind the numbers

A few things that will help you understand this report:

  • Impressions - Often this year, Eco-Reps were present at large events but the events were not being held by Eco-Reps and people were not coming for Eco-Reps. An example of this is Green Out the Gutt where Eco-Reps monitored all of the waste bins and greeted attendees at the entrances of a UVM Men's Hockey game. Therefore, Eco-Reps interacted with many attendees and their presence was known at the event even if attendees didn't have a direct interaction. We want to capture this reach without over representing it and have chosen to add together all of our low and high engagement numbers and call them "impressions" for the report.
  • Alignment - This section shows how well matched our Change Agents are with their assigned reshalls and how we've partnered closely with other entities to secure additional funding for our activities.
    • Almost all of our Change Agents were living in the reshall complexes that they were assigned to serve for Eco-Reps. We are striving for 100% next year and this number is up significantly from 2017-18.
    • Thank you to IRA, OVPR, Student Life, UVM Dining, Burlington Electric Department, ResLife Learning Communities, Trinity Hall Council and UVM Recycling for your funding and in-kind support this year.

Campaign Case Studies

Coming soon!