Team Initiatives

Food Campaign | Annual 

The goals of our annual food campaign are to increase awareness of the power of food values in informing and shaping individual decisions, and strengthen students' connection to the land and food systems communities. This campaign supported the existing food-related programs on UVM's campus, such as Real Food Challenge and Vermont First. 

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Davis Center Farmers Markets | Annual 

The Davis Center Farmers Market is presented annually by the UVM Eco-Reps. This market offers a well-rounded taste of what Vermont vendors have to offer, including seasonal produce, prepared foods, canned goods, and artisinal crafts. The market takes place outside on the Andrew Harris Commons on one of the most well-trafficked areas of campus. 
In the past, the market has brought in attractions like live music, the Solar Bus, and Sun Boxes. Vendors on the list regularly include: Lalumiere Farms, New Farms for New American’s, Kimball Brook Milk, UVM Farmer Training Program, and City Market. Participating student groups have previously included: Slow Food, VSTEP, Feel Good and CREAM.

Trucks loaded with fresh produce made their way through the country Fall 2019, creating the Largest Farmers’ Market @ Campuses Across America and bringing together students and farmers like never before at campuses like the University of Vermont (UVM). With research showing that 95 percent of college students fail to eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables, the farmers markets gave students a taste of how they can add delicious, healthy foods to their diets. They also demonstrated the benefits of local sourcing, a priority for Sodexo’s everyday menus in UVM's dining halls. Students raved about the access to everything from kale to cucumbers and talked about feeling good eating “real” food and supporting the community. See it in action below: 

Get a feel for our farmers markets from the videos below:

Farmer's Market from Dayzed Productions on Vimeo.