Eco-Ware is a reusable take-out container program developed by UVM students, staff and the University Dining Services team to reduce the environmental impact of take-out dining.

After three test periods to develop the program, Eco-Ware was launched in January 2011 in Brennan's and the University Marche. After a successful first semester, Eco-Ware was expanded into 5 new locations: Waterman Manor, Waterman Cafe, Given Atrium, Davis Center Marketplace and New World Tortilla.

In January 2013, UVM Dining Services now oversees the sales and services of sporks and Eco-Ware.

In its first semester, the use of Eco-Ware containers helped UVM keep 2,078 single-serve containers from use. In the Fall 2011 semester, Eco-Ware saved another 3,640 single-serve containers from use, bringing the all-time total for meals served into Eco-Ware to 5,718. That's a significant amount of waste avoided!

Eco-Reps have also worked with Student Life to sell reusable sporks for just $1. Eco-ware and sporks can save you money and reduce the amount of waste generated on campus. Eco-Ware requires a small up-front cost, but the discount on every meal served in Eco-Ware makes for a quick payback and then continued savings.