Fall 2017

Start Up Support

We help First Years navigate campus in a sustainable way from day one! Eco-Reps assit at recycling stations on move in day, help sort waste at high traffic areas and events, and issue Eco-Ware memberships in the major dining halls.  

Eco-Ware, Everywhere!

Eco-Ware memberships get a lot of use in Unlimited Dining, which is already almost a zero-waste zone. Eco-Reps want to encourage people to use thier Eco-Ware in Retail Dining where there is a more significant opportunity for waste reduction by the avoidance of packaging. 

Results: The total amount of EcoWare uses in retail dining locations after our five-week effort was 2,209. In comparison to previous years, this figure is a 59.4% increase from 2016 and a 183.2% increase from 2015. Read the full report here!








Composting is HOT

Dining halls are the hub on campus for organics collection, but on-campus students can also collect compostables in their residence halls. Eco-Reps are spreading the word about this program, run through UVM Recycling, by dropping in on the many food-focused events held in reshalls to remind students about compsting in their rooms! We are also hosting a tour of Green Mountain Compost, open to all students!