Spring 2018

Curb Your Consumerism

Consumerism leads to resource depletion, waste, social and economic inequities. The goal of this campaign is to increase understanding of the environmental impact of consumerism, help students understand what they can do to help and make it easier for students to make a more sustainable choice. To do this we hosted a Sweater Swap as part of Winterfest, which drew in 500 donations and had 200 attendees. Each community team held events focused on concious consumerism through repurposing or extending the life of old clothing. One team created a Local Shopping Guide to help students spend their money thoughtfully in the greater Burlington area.

Greenride Bike Share

A regional bikeshare system ilaunched this spring! Eco-Reps helped to promote the bikeshare and register users. Register with us to get freebies ranging from bike helmets to smoothies. Plus, we'll tell you about the epic bike-based scavenger hunt we have planned for Earth Week! More details about signing up for Greenride can be found at greenridebikeshare.com!

Results: After the completion of the campaign it was found that Eco-Reps had been directly responsible for 15% of all UVM Bike Share registrations. Eco-Reps held 10 community events attended by approximately 218 students. Eco-Reps also partnered with the Department of Sustainability to make this awesome video showing some of the features of Greenride!

Fall 2017

Start Up Support

We help First Years navigate campus in a sustainable way from day one! Eco-Reps assit at recycling stations on move in day, help sort waste at high traffic areas and events, and issue Eco-Ware memberships in the major dining halls.  

Eco-Ware, Everywhere!

Eco-Ware memberships get a lot of use in Unlimited Dining, which is already almost a zero-waste zone. Eco-Reps want to encourage people to use thier Eco-Ware in Retail Dining where there is a more significant opportunity for waste reduction by the avoidance of packaging. 

Results: The total amount of EcoWare uses in retail dining locations after our five-week effort was 2,209. In comparison to previous years, this figure is a 59.4% increase from 2016 and a 183.2% increase from 2015. Read the full report here!








Composting is HOT

Dining halls are the hub on campus for organics collection, but on-campus students can also collect compostables in their residence halls. Eco-Reps are spreading the word about this program, run through UVM Recycling, by dropping in on the many food-focused events held in reshalls to remind students about compsting in their rooms! We are also hosting a tour of Green Mountain Compost, open to all students!