The Office of Sustainability typically hires Eco-Reps around spring break for the following academic year. Occasionally we need to fill openings at other times during the year.  Current postings can be found on JobX. All Eco-Rep postions are available as regular paid positions or as work study for those who qualify. 

Eco-Rep Change Agent (Job Description)

Application Opens 3/27/19 with JobX ID#4382. Click here to apply. 

12 positions available for 2019-2020 academic year. Residency required, one opening per location:

  • Harris

  • Millis

  • UHN

  • MAT

  • Converse

  • CCRH

  • WDW

  • MSH

  • Coolidge/Redstone/Slade

  • Jeanne Mance

  • McAuley/Back 5

  • Mercy/Cottages

Student Eco-Rep Manager (Job Description)

No current openings.