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UVM employees are eligible to participate in any of CATMA’s alternative commuter programs. Programs include:
  • Confidential Carpool Matching Service
  • Bike-Walk Reward Program: The program rewards you for walking and/or bicycling to and from work at least three days each week for two 4-week periods. The weeks within each 4-week block MUST be consecutive. The first week of your second 4-week block, however, doesn't have to directly follow the last week of the first 4-week block. If you are out of work for three or more days in one week due to vacation, illness or off-site training and conferences, or inclement weather then you must record that week and the reason on the "week(s) out" line on the Bike/Walk Reward Card. You still need to complete a total of 8 weeks of biking and/or walking however, under the above circumstances, your weeks do not have to be consecutive.
  • Emergency Ride Home If an emergency arises on a day that you used an alternate commute mode, you simply call the taxi company listed on the back of your Card and identify yourself as a CATMA Emergency Ride Home participant. When the cab arrives, show the driver your valid Commute Smart Card. At the end of your ride, sign the voucher the driver presents. The Emergency Ride Home program will pay up to $60 of the fare (approximately 40 miles). You are responsible for any additional charges, including the tip.
  • Unlimited Access, 
  • CarShare VT/Campus ProgramThrough a special partnership between the Campus Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA) and CarShare Vermont, full-time students, faculty, and staff at UVM and Champlain College can take advantage of a great deal! Your campus is covering the full cost of our Share-a-Lot annual membership fee for one year – this is a  $150 discount!
  • and commuter resources and news.

These programs enable you to save time, money, and a chance to meet new friends. If you already alternately commute at least 2 days a week, register with CATMA today! For more info and registration, visit us at or call 802-656-RIDE.

CATMA was formed in 1992 to jointly plan and manage parking and transportation in ways that better coordinate land use and lessen environmental impacts. CATMA has been working with Burlington businesses for twenty years offering employers a comprehensive employee commute program tailored to the worksite including incentives, programs, worksite events, promos, surveys, information clearing house and more.