Sustainability in Higher Education Nationally and at UVM

Higher education has a special role to play in helping create a sustainable future. A movement began in the early 1990s to green campuses, spreading to hundreds of campuses by 2010. The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education has emerged as a key resource for campuses to work together. Other major supporting organizations include the National Wildlife Federation's Campus Ecology program, Second Nature, and the professional associations such as those of business officers (NACUBO), health and safety professionals (C2E2), campus planners (SCUP), and facilities staff (APPA).

Our Office of Sustainability has emerged out of grassroots efforts in the 1990s to a professional office, under the guidance of the office's academic advisor, Dr. Stephanie Kaza. The Office now reports to the Provost's Office, with supervision by the Associate Provost for Teaching & Learning.

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