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Good communication is the key to success in any relationship - and that is just as true for letting folks know all the awesome stuff you do (or will do).  Whether it's getting folks involved in your club or organization, promoting an upcoming event, or sharing out your amazing achievements - there are tons of ways for you to market yourself to the UVM community; but to be effective you have to tailor your voice for each platform and tool.  

Don't know where to start? Here are some tips and tricks to help you cut through the marketing noise:

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Graphic Design Help

Not everyone is a designer at heart. If you have a vision for a posters, post, logo, or...really anything - let our Student Graphic Designers help you.  Our small talented team of designers is here to help you make your design thoughts into reality - and it's FREE for all clubs and student life organizations!

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Digital Marketing

From Instagram to UVM BORED (and everything in-between) there's a wide-variety of digital platforms and tools available to you to help you connect directly with your audience. Figuring out which ones will work best for you (and the most effective ways to use them) is the first step to swimming in the digital sea. 

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Print Materials

In an intensely digital world it can easy to forget physical marketing materials - but now more than ever it's important to consider your analog options.  Students still report that posters, handouts, stickers, and brochures are still a primary source of learning more about what's happening on-campus and beyond.  

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Additional Marketing Resources

Marketing doesn't stop at posters and posts. Give out branded-items, reserve a display case in the Davis Center, or make some face-to-face connections to talk about your organization.  Learn about the variety of resources available to you to help spread the word about what's happening in your world.

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Media & PR

Telling your own story is only half the battle - sometimes you'll want to help others tell it too.  Learning who can help signal-boost your message and provide you great coverage - and providing them with great materials straight from the source - will go a long way to raising awareness about whatever it is you're trying to communicate.

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Planning an Event?

Marketing shouldn't be the final step in your event planning process. Want to learn how to plan a perfect event from start to finish? Campus Programs has a guide to help you along the way.

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Pro Tip: Feelin' Green & Gold

Don't forget that your organization is connected to UVM.  Consider using colors, fonts, and elements from UVM's style guide to visually connect your organization or event to the greater UVM brand.

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