By choosing to attend the University of Vermont, each student accepts responsibility for promoting the community's welfare by adhering to the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities (pdf) and all University Policies. Failure to comply with the Code, may cause a response from the University and/or the Fraternity and Sorority Life office. 

Fraternity & Sorority Recognition with Addendum of Practices & Procedures

The Fraternity & Sorority Life Advisor, the Department of Student Life, and the standards outlined in this document are intended to support excellence in Greek-letter organizations, rooted in values-based behavior. Any fraternities or sororities wishing to receive and maintain recognition by the University of Vermont must comply with all University policies and procedures, in addition to all of the standards set forth in this document. 

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The fraternity and sorority community believes that true sisterhood and brotherhood is fostered in an atmosphere where social and moral responsibility, respect and commitment to higher standards is valued and practiced.  Therefore, a fraternity or sorority program which includes hazing is contrary and detrimental to the purpose of the University of Vermont, the educational and personal development of it’s students, and has no place within the fraternity and sorority community.

FSL Educational Initiatives:

  • All FSL members sign anti-hazing forms
  • Hazing prevention educational programs are provided throughout the academic year
  • New Member Orientation
  • Each inter/national organization may have additional requirements for their chapters and members.

Learn more about Hazing Prevention at UVM


The University is committed to creating a quality learning environment in an atmosphere that is respectful, safe, and scholarly.

This policy shall guide the role of alcohol everywhere on the University of Vermont campus and at all events sponsored by UVM organizations, schools, or administrative units. Students, staff, and faculty members are encouraged to learn about the social, physiological, and psychological consequences of drinking and alcohol abuse. Excessive and high‐risk drinking can lead to negative consequences for the UVM community, including assault, illness, injury, litter, noise, property damage, and driving under the influence. All members of the UVM community share responsibility for creating an environment that limits dangerous drinking behaviors and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of these negative outcomes. 

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FIPG Risk Management Policy

The University of Vermont requires all recognized fraternities and sororities comply with the Risk Management Policy, promulgated by Fraternity Insurance Protective Group, Inc. (FIPG, Inc.).  For exemptions regarding the FIPG Risk Management Policy, please see the Fraternity & Sorority Life Standards for Recognition document (PDF)