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Fraternity recruitment starts at the beginning of each semester, at which time each fraternity chapter will hold their own events with specified times and locations. During these events, potential new members will be able to meet and get to know Brothers.

Membership in a fraternity is challenging, rewarding, and fun - yet also offers an environment that promotes friendship, support, and networking opportunities. Being a member of a fraternity means more than just wearing Greek letters, attending meetings, and going to social events - it's about making friendships and networks that will last far beyond your college years while enhancing your personal development by committing to ideals of scholarship, leadership, justice, and service.

Recognized Fraternities

Alpha Gama Rho

Thomas Coyne •

Delta Tau Delta
(Delts, DTD)

Charlie Murphy •

Kappa Sigma
(Kappa Sig)

Henry Rice •

Phi Mu Delta

Michael Kaszycki •

Pi Kappa Alpha

Hugh Meehan •

Pi Kappa Phi

Anthony Mazzola •


Sigma Phi Society
(Sigma Phi)

Seth Summerfield •



How Much of a Time Commitment is Fraternity Participation?

Participating in a fraternal organization is like any worthwhile co-curricular activity - it requires a time investment. The benefit of membership in the fraternity community at UVM is the opportunity for a well-rounded college experience that includes learning how to balance academics, work, campus involvement and social commitments.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each fraternities' dues vary depending on the chapter. Check out our handout with each chapter’s dues for more information (pdf). At any recruitment events you attend you should ask for updated information and consider each chapter's dues while making your decision on which chapter to join.

How Do I Get in Contact with a Chapter?

First, you can contact the Interfraternity Council (IFC) Vice President of Recruitment and Programming.

He will have information about each chapter, upcoming community-wide recruitment events, and will be able to answer any general questions you may have. Additionally, you are also welcome to reach out to individual chapters for more information.



  • Bid: a formal invitation given by a fraternity asking a prospective member to join the chapter
  • Big Brother: an older member assigned to assist a new member in his college transition
  • Brother: a term used within fraternities when referring to other members
  • Hazing: An abusive way of treating new members that can be in the form of physical or mental abuse, humiliation, or harassment. UVM and the state of Vermont takes a strong stance against hazing as it is illegal and against the core values of the university and Greek Life
  • Informal Recruitment: the unstructured recruitment process by which chapters bring in new members, sometimes called the "rush" period
  • Interfraternity Council: The governing body for all UVM fraternities
  • Legacy: a prospective member whose immediate relative(s) were in a recognized fraternity at UVM
  • New Member: a male-identified individual who has accepted a fraternity bid, but has not been initiated
  • NIC: North-American Interfraternity Conference
  • Potential New Member: a person participating in recruitment events