Each academic year, The Department of Student Life sets aside a limited amount of funds to support and subsidize student-run, campus-wide DEI, retention-focused, and leadership development events. The goal of this grant is to enhance events that support diversity and inclusivity initiatives at UVM (including awareness months, heritage events, cultural gatherings, and social justice-focused programming), programming that directly supports the University's retention efforts, and the development of ethical leaders that will make a positive impact life beyond UVM . Priority will be given to events that meet these criteria, events organized by Recognized Student Organizations, and events occurring on-campus.

In evaluating the Student Life grant form, we will be taking these factors into consideration:

  • Event is hosted by a student-run recognized organization. Grant funding is open to departments, but student groups will receive priority.
  • Event is held on-campus or off-campus locally and open widely to the general student population. At this time events such as out-of-state conferences, cannot be supported.
  • Event must align with Student Life’s purpose; meaning program must be student centered that promotes DEI, retention, and/or leadership development.
  • Total event budget will be taken into considerations when determining sponsorship amount.  Request will require the submission of accurate budget predictions for the event. The grant is intended to help subsidize, not completely fund an event.
  • Following the event, a final financial breakdown of spending will be submitted.  Sponsorship funds will be deposited into your organization/department chartstring to cover actual incurred costs from approved request.

After submitting the form, you’ll should receive a response within 1 – 2 weeks from the Student Life leadership and be invited to discuss your event. If you have questions, please email slife@uvm.edu.

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Event Information

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Additional Information

Please Itemize your expenses as best as possible - e.g. entertainment, sound, lights, food, decorations, etc.
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NOTE: If your request is approved, you must submit copies of actual expenses (for example: itemized receipts, contracts, invoices, etc.) after your event. If the actual cost of your event is less than the estimated cost, the difference must be returned to the grant. If awarded funds are used inappropriately, those funds must be returned to the grant.


Program Grant Agreement

Should your Program Grant be approved, it will be subject to the following terms and conditions. Please indicate your understanding of the sponsorship agreement by agreeing to the following:

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