Much like the University of Vermont's values - UVM Club Sports is committed to sustainability social, environmental, and economic sustainability for our program.  In planning for the future we've created a sustainability blueprint (pdf) in accordance with National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association's (NIRSA) Sustainable Communities Guidelines.



While sporting goods and uniforms have some limitations, the Club Sports Council voted to move towards purchasing practices that prioritizes sustainable apparel (t-shirts and hoodies). Since that vote, we've been committed to purchasing items that are preferably made from recycled materials and made in the USA.

Check out our List of Recommended Sustainable Vendors (pdf) →



UVM Club Sports frequently travels to participate in the numerous leagues and national competitions that we pride ourselves in taking part in. But, significant travel contributes to carbon emissions that can be harmful to the environment. As an institution that prides itself on being 'green', we've made it one of our top priorities to be carbon neutral.

We've proudly accomplished the goal of being Carbon Neutral for a number of years - and continue to partner with Native Energy to invest in the Green Dream Farm Methane Reduction Project.

Fun Facts

  • Club Sports Travel over 200,000 miles a year
  • Transportation includes Buses, Airplanes, 12-passenger Vans, and smaller personal vehicles
  • The total mileage and methods of transportation amount to 140 Tonnes of CO2 Emissions

View our Carbon Offset Initiative Video (YouTube) →


Club Sports desires to keep our costs down and make our organizations as financially accessible as possible. We often coordinate large scale fundraisers to assist clubs in deferring the costs of their operations and work with the UVM foundation to streamline giving.  

Check out our List of Recommended  Sustainable Vendors (pdf) →


We're committed to creating the most inclusive and healthy environment for our club sports participants and make several efforts to ensure that our programs foster an environment of social sustainability:

  • We're committed to Hazing Prevention through trainings and education Inclusion and creating a welcoming atmosphere is part of our start of year trainings
  • We partner with LivingWell to hold Yoga and wellness education seminars specifically related to athletes
  • We participate in DeStress Central, a program of events meant to help create healthy bodies and minds during finals in the fall and spring semesters
  • Significant efforts are made to be efficient in what we ask of leaders and only ask for what we truly need from them time wise