Orange bar The choice to live at-home rather than on-campus or in Burlington this spring is one students and families will make based on their own readiness for an on-campus spring semester, but we recognize that financial implications are an important consideration for many students and families in making this decision.


Given the volume of inquiries, Student Financial Services is unable to provide specific revised, at-home financial aid awards before the deadline for making your Spring 2021 selection. We have provided the guidance below to assist you in making this decision.

Impacts of choosing the Spring 2021 at-home/remote option:

Billing and Charges

  • You will not incur UVM housing or meal plan charges for Spring 2021.

  • Your tuition and fee charges will not change, and you will be responsible for published tuition and fees, including the comprehensive fee.

  • Your spring semester billling notification will be going out around 12/9/2020 and will be due by 4 PM EDT on Friday 01/22/2021. We will make every effort to ensure that when your bill is issued it reflects your charges and financial aid for your Spring 2021 housing selection, however please understand that in some cases, adjustments may occur after the bill is issued.

  • Monthly payment plans can be set up now and adjusted once you review your bill in December. We recommend estimating your spring semester balance based on your fall charges to set up your payment plan today by using your student or proxy portal access to view real-time account information on the Account and Billing Details screen.

  • Parent and student education loans can generally be reduced after they are borrowed while loan increases may require borrowing a separate loan. We recommend arranging loan financing based on your anticipated costs and financial aid for an on-campus term. Maximum loan amounts will be adjusted when we revise financial aid awards based on the at-home selection and you can contact our office to reduce loans further prior to disbursement.

Merit Scholarships

University merit scholarships will not be impacted by the selection of the at-home, remote Spring 2021 option. You must continue to meet all standard eligibility requirements for UVM merit scholarships.

Eligibility for need-based financial aid may be impacted as outlined below. Please note that Student Financial Services generally uses the information you reported on your 2020-21 FAFSA to determine your housing plans.

Financial Aid

If you were scheduled (based on your FAFSA) or required to live on-campus and will now be living at-home for Spring 2021:

  • Your financial aid award may be revised based on reduced housing and meal expenses.

  • When you live at-home, we assume you still have some housing and meal expenses, but that those are substantially less than if you are living on-campus.

  • In many cases, the choice to live at home will reduce what you would otherwise need to pay directly or borrow in loans with no impact to other existing financial aid. However, based on your specific financial circumstances and financial aid award, the reduced costs of living at home may result in reductions to Federal Work Study, Federal Direct Subsidized/Unsubsidized Loans, UVM institutional loans, Federal SEOG Grants, UVM need-based grants or scholarships.

  • Within applicable federal financial aid guidelines, Student Financial Services will make every effort to reduce work study and loan funds before reducing grants, however, based on individual student circumstances, need-based grant and/or scholarship awards may be reduced.

If you were scheduled to live off-campus and will now be living at-home for Spring 2021:

We understand that off-campus students have signed lease agreements and may be unable to break those agreements. Therefore, financial aid awards will not be adjusted for students who were scheduled to live off-campus. Student Financial Services used information from your FAFSA to determine whether you were planning to live off-campus.

If we are notified that you are living at-home and do not have any binding lease agreement, Student Financial Services will adjust your financial aid award as outlined above for students who were scheduled or required to live on-campus.


Additional COVID-19 Related FAQs


I need to pay my bill. How should I submit a payment?

Based on the current situation, payment by UPS or FedEx may see a slight delay because of the need to minimize the number of non-UVM affiliates on-campus and in our buildings, to protect the safety and wellbeing of all members of the University Community, due to COVID-19. Learn more about our payment options at this time, with the best method being online payment.

Financial Aid

I need to submit my UVM loan promissory note.

Since promissory notes require an actual "wet" signature and cannot be sent electronically to us, you will need to mail this to our 223 Waterman address. Please understand there will be a delay for our office to receive your promissory note given the circumstances, but we will update your account once we have it. If you are on-campus, you can leave promissory notes in our secure drop box located by our office door. Please be sure to submit both the promissory note and the self certification form.

I am concerned about making my loan payments

If you are experiencing trouble in making your loan payments (or your PLUS borrower is), we encourage you to reach out to your loan servicer to inquire about ways they may be able to help.

I have to send you a scholarship check. What should I do?

Review our information on submitting outside scholarship information and checks which includes the latest information based on the current situation.

What is the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund?

The CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund provides funding to institutions to make emergency financial aid grants available to students. CARES Act funding is limited to expenses students incurred due to COVID-19 related disruption of campus operations and move to remote learning. These funds cannot be used to make up for lost wages for students or their families. CARES Act Emergency Grants do not need to be repaid. Students who haven't already submitted the CARES Act Emergency Grant Application, who believe they are eligible, and have incurred eligible expenses, may complete the CARES Act Emergency Grant Application. Our office will be making decisions as quickly as possible. Students will be notified of the decision to their UVM email.

Other General Concerns related to SFS

I have something to mail to SFS; can I still mail it?

You can still send us mail. Currently, items sent via UPS or FedEx may see a slight delay because of the need to minimize the number of non-UVM affiliates on-campus and in our buildings, to protect the safety and wellbeing of all members of the University Community, due to COVID-19. Learn more about our payment options at this time, with the best method being online.

I want to meet with a member of your team, in-person.

Given the current situation we are not meeting with the community. However, you can certainly contact our office for assistance in other ways, including the ability for students to schedule a virtual visit with us.


How can I help a UVM student during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Make an immediate difference through a gift which can go to support student emergency travel funds, remote education assistance, community online training sessions, etc.

Make a gift to UVM's Pandemic Response Fund