While enrolled in the Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration (HESA) program, graduate students are provided multiple opportunities to grow as a professional and to increase in the competencies that have been identified by two professional organizations, NASPA and ACPA. Through partnerships with the Division of Student Affairs (DOSA) and other campus colleagues, UVM HESA students can receive funding towards the cost of tuition through multiple pathways. The primary pathways indicated below provide additional details for students interested in UVM HESA.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships play a critical role at UVM and within our division. These roles offer the opportunity to put theory into practice and assist students with their intellectual, personal, social and emotional development.

If you are interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship, learn more about the process on our Currently Available Assistantships page. The application deadline for the Graduate Assistantship application is December 1. Students offered a graduate assistantship are enrolled in the HESA program full-time and typically finish the academic program in two years. 

If you have additional questions about the Graduate Assistantship application process, please email us at sagrads@uvm.edu.

Professional Positions for HESA students

The HESA program enables students to work full-time, enroll as a student part-time, and complete the academic program within three years. The professional positions are tailored specifically for HESA students and offer great flexibility and access to those interested in attaining a HESA graduate degree while simultaneously working as a professional staff member.

Your employment status in these positions is not tied to the HESA academic program nor contigent upon academic performance. These positions are typically created as a 75% full-time equivalent (.75 FTE) appointment or higher. Professional positions obtained through the HESA recruitment and selection process are limited to a three-year term. These positions are created and offered in specific years, so please check back to this page for additional updates. New opportunities that arise will be communicated to students applying for the HESA program.  

Employment Positions at UVM and other Burlington Institutions

Current and future employees at UVM and other higher education institutions are encouraged to enroll in HESA coursework and apply for the academic program. Many current UVM employees are enrolled in the HESA program and complete coursework on a part-time basis that best fits with their employment schedule and responsibilities. Similarly, employees at local institutions such as Champlain College and Saint Michael's College also take courses in and pursue the UVM HESA program. 

Use the following links to view employment opportunities at UVM and other Burlington institutions:

University of Vermont

Champlain College

Saint Michael's College


There are specific graduate student scholarships at the University of Vermont. We encourage applicants to the HESA program to research various scholarship opportunities while applying for graduate studies. Institutional scholarships are offered for prospective and current students. There are also many external scholarship resources and search tools for prospective graduate students as well.

College of Education & Social Services Graduate Tuition Scholarships

Graduate Student Scholarships

Scholarship Resources Outside of UVM

HESA Graduate Program


Jilliene Rodriguez
Diversity, Engagement, and Professional Development Director